Get a driving lisence for passenger car class B

Are you starting on your driver's license? Whether you have practiced a bit before or will start with blank sheets, we welcome you as our student. 

At T. Solbakken you will meet cheerful, dedicated and skilled driving instructors. In close collaboration with you, we develop the skills needed for you to become a confident and safe driver. 

We have students of all ages - from teenagers to adults. To achieve your goal in a safe, effective and safe way, good chemistry with your driving instructor is important. Even though it is the student who takes the driver's license, our teachers emphasize that the road towards your license is a team effort.

When can I start with driving lessons?   

After you have reached the age of 16 and have received proof from Statens Vegvesen that the basic traffic course has been completed, you can start practicing and take driving lessons. You must go through the following steps to be able to take the practical driving test:

  • Training in step 1
  • Training and practice driving in step 2
  • Training and practice driving in step 3
  • Training and practice driving in step 4

Should I choose automatic or manual transmission?

We offer training in both manual and automatic transmission - What you prefer is up to you. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure on what to choose, and we will help you.  

Taking the driver's license in automatic transmission is becoming increasingly common. Most new cars sold today come without a manual transmission. One of the biggest advantages of taking the driving test in automatic transmission is that you don’t have to think about clutch and shifting gears, and can start sooner to focus on the big traffic picture.  

If you choose to drive up with automatic transmission, you will receive a code in your driver 's license that restricts you from driving cars with manual transmission. If at a later time you wish to drive a car with manual transmission, you must take a new practical driving test.

Customized training 

We adapt the training to your needs. Some of our students have driving experience, and some of our students have never been behind the steering wheel of a car before. That is why we always offer a free driving lesson to map out your needs and make a plan for further training.  

Collaboration with parents

We recommend all our students to practice driving as much as possible at home. Practice driving must be done with a companion over the age of 25 who has had a driving license class B for 5 consecutive years. 

Together with you and your parents, we can tailor a plan so that practice driving at home is as efficient as possible. It can often be a good idea for parents or companions to contact us or join a driving lesson if they have questions or something they feel unsure about.

The more driving experience you have, the faster the training goes and the fewer driving hours you need. Many people also prefer to practice driving a lot at home so that the driver's license is as cheap as possible.  

Our class B driving instructors