Get a driving license on motorcycle (class A2)

Welcome to Bergen's largest motorcycle school!

Do you dream of taking the plunge towards a motorcycle driving license? At T. Solbakken you can get your driver's license in class A2 - efficiently, safely and flexibly.

At T. Solbakken you will meet dedicated and professional teachers with long experience. Several of them ride motorcycles full time, and know what it takes to create mastery and motivation. Whether you want a lighter means of transportation in everyday life or a new hobby, our teachers make sure to give you a close and effective training.

By taking the motorcycle driver’s license, we promise you that you will come to a fantastic community on two wheels. As a motorcyclist, you will experience excitement, joy and mastery, but also many great rides both alone and with others.

Upcoming courses on motorcycle

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Class Start-up Course Pris Sign-up
A, A1, A2 Tue 4. jun


Terje Solbakken Trafikkskole AS, Hesthaugvegen 18, 5119 Ulset

kr 1200,- Påmelding
A2 Thu 6. jun

Utvidelseskurs A1 til A2 uten førerprøve

Eikås Motorsportsenter, Søre Brurås 1, 5131 Nyborg

kr 14500,- Påmelding
A, A1, A2 Tue 25. jun


Terje Solbakken Trafikkskole AS, Hesthaugvegen 18, 5119 Ulset

kr 1200,- Påmelding
A, A1, A2 Tue 2. jul


Terje Solbakken Trafikkskole AS, Hesthaugvegen 18, 5119 Ulset

kr 1200,- Påmelding

Our motorcycle driving instructors

Class A2

With a driver's license in class A2, you can drive a medium-heavy motorcycle up to 35 kW. To obtain a driver’s license in class A2, you must pass both a theoretical and a practical test. There is an 18 year age limit for taking this driver's license.

The training is divided into four steps (applies to all motorcycle classes).

  • Step 1 (Basic traffic course)
  • Step 2 (Basic vehicle- and vehicle competence)
  • Step 3 (Traffical part)
  • Step 4 (Final training)

Good to know

It can get very cold when you achieve a high speed, so dress with warm clothes - preferably wool, which you can wear under your motorcycle clothes. A buff in the neck is also good to wear. If you do not have your own motorcycle equipment, you can borrow from us. Feel free to contact us if you want to buy your own equipment, if you need advice or are unsure of what you need. We use the driving school's motorcycles for all driving lessons.

Age limits:

  • A1: 16 years of age limit
  • A2: 18 years of age limit
  • A: 24 years of age limit

Extension from A1 to A2

Provided that you have had a driving license on A1 for at least 2 years. If you are going to expand from class A1 to A2, you must complete:

  • Step assessment step 3 - NOK 875, -
  • Safety course on track - NOK 5500, -
  • Safety course on road from class A2 - NOK 5500,-

If you have had a driver's license on class A1 for less than 2 years, and you are over 18 years old, you can also expand to A2, but then you must have a practical driving test as well. Price for the driving test is: 2500, -


Prices for driving license on motorcycle



Klasse A2 (Motorsykkel A2)

Førerprøve kr 2700,-
Kjøretime kr 990,-
Kjøretime Oslo kr 1020,-
Sikkerhetskurs på veg kr 6150,-
Trinnvurdering trinn 2 kr 990,-
Trinnvurdering trinn 3 kr 990,-
Grunnkurs kr 1200,-
Sikkerhetskurs i presis kjøreteknikk kr 6100,-
Utvidelse A1 til A2 (90 min) kr 14080,-
Utvidelseskurs A1 til A2 uten førerprøve kr 14500,-
Gebyr leie bane kjøregård kr 250,-

We also offer package prices!